Tingle or Misfire?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Learning to choose Pleasure As A Higher Calling!

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Whenever we’re presented with choices, decisions and options, how can we discern, know for sure, choose the best? When I consciously decided to choose Pleasure As A Higher Calling, it was the beginning of trusting myself to choose in my own and another’s best interest.

Have you ever noticed how our minds will intellectualize, rationalize, confuse us, negotiate with us, trick us, double~cross us, make amends with us no matter how we choose, and in the end it will either congratulate or chastise us?

Of course, we must utilize our minds. What a great resource for gathering information they are! Our minds love to sort through, mull things over, categorize, sift, cull and finally present us with a choice, a decision or an option. But truly, isn’t the only way to really know what is best for us at any given moment a more simple process that has nothing to do with rational thinking?

It’s a process that has everything to do with personally and intimately knowing for ourselves what is right for us. This is another kind of thinking that comes from the heart, or it can feel like thinking from the gut. It’s intuitional. It is either a Tingle or a Misfire. You can feel it.

Once our minds have assembled all the data concerning the choice we need to make and the activity of discernment and processing is fulfilled, we're ready to make our decision. The decision might make perfect sense. It might be logical. It might be prudent. It might be a no~brainer. It might even seem like the best choice, the rational choice, maybe the only choice. But if there is no Tingle, if there is no passion, if there is no energy or positive thrust in the direction of your choice - it’s a Misfire.

Think back to the times you made a choice based on the best available information. You proceeded in that direction based on what was your head, what your mind insisted it wanted. Sometimes this is the best option, especially if we think our decision will result in Pleasure, right? But its only best if our hearts are also aligned with our decision and our inner knowing has not raised red flags as warnings that our minds have decided to willfully ignore. It’s those red flags, that churning in the gut or lack of passion that rounds out true discernment.

Here are some examples from my personal past experience to help illustrate this point:

When I was young, in the 70’s actually, I married for what my mother and aunties considered the acceptable right reasons. They may have been right, but for the fact that I was too young and not really in love which wasn’t the best way to begin and of course, ultimately resulted in divorce.

There was once a significant financial choice I made, with ruinous results. I invested in what was to be a sure thing on paper, except for the unsubstantiated and ultimately false supporting data. And I knew it in my gut. But at that moment wistful greed led me to ignore those red flags resulting in a huge financial loss. A huge and long-lasting Misfire!

Another significant life-changing choice I needed to make after losing my financial independence was regarding a business venture. It sounded like a great and may even have resulted in a prosperous future but for the truth that I had no passion for it.