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Sweetness Out Of Difficulty

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

“dulcius ex espiris”

love, hot, sex, passion, sweet, joy

The Latin expression “dulcius ex espiris”, which means sweetness out of difficulty, suggests a different outcome and meaning from relief after difficulty or character building after difficulty. 

It lends a softer, gentler, kinder result to the depiction of a difficult and challenging experience.  Rather than placing a focus on getting through a problem in tact or succeeding in spite of every obstacle, the texture and nuance of “dulcius ex expiris” feels more like a soothing harmonious possibility that would not have occurred without the difficulty.


Our perceptions flavor and edify our experiences to such a degree that they can become captive within our memories.  Besides relief or character building, sometimes we can feel as though we have made a terrible irrevocable error and are forever after prisoners, our memory of the difficulty a self-imposed sentence.


How do we wish to experience our lives and how do we wish to catalog or label our experiences?  Pleasant, loving, satisfying moments have a silky easy way of weaving themselves into our memories.  Difficult, excruciating, humiliating experiences are like a sliver festering in our foot.  A bandage doesn’t ease the pain of a step in any direction, forward or in retreat.


We have choices if only we can discern them.  We can change our perceptions if only we realize we have custody of them.  We can decide to seek the sweetness in the aftermath and this can take some time.  The retro-vision we direct toward our experiences allows us to take all the time we need.  Whatever the experience, it has no meaning at all until we ourselves subscribe meaning to it.  Even if we have immediately attached a meaning or category or decree to our difficulty, we can change our minds and re-assign our attachment to it.


I use Alchemy to do this for myself.  Alchemy is a free, simple, effortless energetic intention that can release us from our attachment to the meaning we have assigned to the difficult outcome.  Alchemy’s effect can be felt mentally and emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Anyone can produce “dulcius ex espiris”.  It takes no skill or prior training.  We can change an entrenched concept into something else; from bitter to sweet, from distress to hope.  That’s alchemy.


Here’s what I do.  I get quiet, I hold still.  I find my center and grounding and feel it without tension or effort.  I just do it, allow it, wait for it till I’m there.  Next, I call upon the highest aspect of myself and also the highest aspect of the person or circumstance associated with the difficult situation.  Once I feel attuned, I take a deep breath and say aloud or silently send a prayer of offering.  It might be something as simple as: 

 I wish for you all that you wish for yourself. 

I also wish this for myself. 

I give you back your power and I also take back my power. 

I release you and I also release myself with love and blessing. 

So be it. 

Often I have a more specific and detailed idea of what I wish to express and offer to the process.  It’s all good.


When we are in the depths of despair or anguish, something as simple as this process may sound false or even ridiculous.  Still, the intention is for circular healing.  It can happen all at once or it can require a more sustained intention. It’s proactive, it’s self-actualizing, it’s a step forward after dabbing some bubbling peroxide on that festering foot.  It’s a move from the prison to the hospital in our mind. I say this prayer for 21 days.  It’s a good number. It’s sweet. It’s maintenance.


I Wish For You All That You Wish For Yourself.  Blessed Be.

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