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We Could be Friends!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

If you're a single woman of a certain age like I am, you've no doubt discovered that a healthy sense of humor and adventure is required to "stay in the game" of Love.

Savannah Aries, relationships, friendships, pleasure, writer
In this life it's all about friends, especially for the Goddess.

I've decided to live my life with Pleasure as a Higher Calling.

It's my raison d'etre and the pleasure of writing about it is almost as sweet.  My stories are Smart, Funny, Sexy and Real so let me entertain you with the spicy details of my amorous encounters and entice you with my unique philosophy.  You may decide to embrace Pleasure As A Higher Calling too.

Click on the link for first book in the series below.  It will take you directly to Amazon where you can sample a tasty morsel. 

Buy The Book and have some fun!

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