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Savannah Aries


as a Higher Calling


If you're a single woman of a certain age, a healthy sense of humor and adventure is required to "stay in the game" of Love.
Savannah Aries decided on Pleasure as her Higher Calling.

In WAKING UP, her first collection of intimate short stories, she invites us into her world and shares her thoughts and feelings about the lusty new lease on life she discovers when she decides to wake up.

From becoming an inadvertent cougar, to her adventures in the world of online dating, and her unconventional ways of coping with the discomforts of flying, Savannah entertains us with the details of both her amorous encounters and her own unique philosophy of life.

SA Easy & Delicious.jpg

Savannah Aries has decided to  dedicate herself to the art of

Pleasure as a Higher Calling.


In this second collection of short stories, she invites us back into her world, where she shares her intimate thoughts and experiences with humor and honesty.


Savannah speaks for mature women of a certain age who haven’t given up on fully engaging in life and all its glorious delights. Her spicy stories about life, love, sensuality, and lust are to be relished for their pure pleasure.

From shopping to prepare a meal for her lover to seducing a wary rock star, or engaging a professor in some intimate research, even to being conquered by a young would-be suitor, Savannah entertains with both the juicy details of her amorous encounters and her own unique philosophical perspective on life and sexual attraction.


She reminds us that living with Pleasure as a Higher Calling is both EASY & DELICIOUS.

SA NORegrets.jpg

Savannah chose to live life with Pleasure as a Higher Calling 

and never looked back.


Her spicy romantic stories

are at once fanciful memoir, unapologetic confession, at times comic relief and unique philosophical perspective all ensconced in a silky robe, alluring fragrance and mischievous grin.


In No Regrets, her third collection of intimate short stories, she shares her fantasies, delights and surprises as a woman of a certain age and acquired experience. From casting her line into the sea and discovering a surprise nibbling her bait, to falling for a charming unpredictable bon vivant, the torture of being enslaved by her lover’s eyes, or opening another woman’s senses to forgotten desires, Savannah shares her innermost thoughts and feelings with honesty and panache.


Savannah invites everyone who longs to wear a perpetual smile to seek the luscious pleasures hidden in their everyday life​ with



Reviews on AMAZON


"A great first book with erotic and explicit yet not graphic sex expertly woven into the stories. Savannah takes societies idea of the older woman as a 'Cougar' and infuses it with depth and humanity as well as some frisky sex."

Valvashon, Amazon Reviewer




I am a guy that likes a story with an edge to it. Make no mistake, Savannah Aries provides that edge to her sensual adventures. Her sexual encounters are hotter than a match head while (between the lines) quite dangerous! But then she weaves warmth and high humor throughout. It all makes for very fun and provocative erotica. Ms. Savannah presents all this to us "of a certain age" as her seasoned and sagacious philosophy; "Pleasure as a Higher Calling". It definitely works for me.


Rich, Amazon Reviewer          

"This book grabs your attention and keeps you reading. Each story is compelling and completely different than the next. Every page is juicy, stimulating,and reveling. You won't want to put it down and I can't wait for Savanna's next book!"

Dana Lyn, Amazon Reviewer

"Need a yummy mind break? An adult bedtime story? Want to know the possible designs of a pleasure-filled romp? Pick up this light-hearted, fun collection of stories and enjoy!"

A. Sierra, Amazon Reviewer

Meet Savannah
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About Savannah


Savannah Aries loves to write and share her intimate thoughts with humor and honesty. She speaks for women of a certain age, encouraging us Not to cave-in or give up on fully engaging in our lives and all the glorious pleasures in it. Her current delight is writing spicy stories about Life, Love, Sensuality, and Lust. 

Savannah lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Traveling, learning, laughing, loving, cooking, and enjoying life to the fullest is her passion. 


Savannah is a lifelong entrepreneur enjoying the challenge of following her dreams. With her current series of books on Pleasure As A Higher Calling, she embarks on a journey of following her bliss.


Learn more about Savannah on her Author Page at Amazon:



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